NORSOK treatment provides a high quality result for offshore products

“We chose FSP to be our surface treatment partner because it has inspectors with FROSIO qualifications and long experience in offshore structures.” -Halton Marine Oy

Targets for NORSOK surface treatment included damper frames of air conditioning channels that Halton Marine delivered to an oil prospecting and storing vessel in the Indian Ocean.

FSP’s FROSIO inspectors monitored the quality of the surface treatment with constant inspections and tests.

At the beginning of the project, FSP gave advanced training in surface treatment requirements for offshore products and consideration of the requirements during the process.

According to Halton Marine, delivery reliability and speed played the key role in the project, because volumes increased periodically to important amounts.

  • CLIENT Halton Marine Oy
  • YEAR 2013-2014
  • LOCATIONSastamala, Finland