”There is potential in Poland”, says Jarno Huttunen. In the summer, Business Director of FSP moved to Poznań, Poland. His assignment is to supervise the new line investment will be implemented and the business in Poland continues its great development. Huttunen is also attracted to new experiences as well in his career as personally.

FSP has been operating in Poland since 2010. Operations in Poland have been upbeat since the beginning.

A newest painting line was taken into use in Stargard in 2015. The entire production line is already running at full capacity, and a new investment decision was made this year. The new line will be taken into use in 2019, and it doubles the capacity in Poland.

Jarno Huttunen, has been in Poland several times on business trips. In the summer he moved there permanently.

”The potential for business growth in Poland and the chance of new experience interests me”, he tells.


Both two paint shops are located in Stargard Szczecinski.

In the other paint shop the surface treatment is mainly done for the components for Cargotec and products for Hydroline Oy which is specialized in hydraulic solutions and cylinders. If needed, the paint shop also provides services for other clients in the region. In the other paint shop the surface treatment and sub-assembly service are done mainly for container handling equipment.

The business growth in Poland has been remarkable: the turnover has almost doubled annually. With the new line investment there is more and more potential for growth.

”There are many large industrial companies in the country, so there is great potential for surface treatment. Many foreign and Finnish industrial companies have operations in Poland”, Huttunen says. ”The central location is one of the advantages of Poland, practically it serves the whole Europe. The surface treatment potential in Poland is at least five times greater than in Finland.”

The quality of the work is one of the key factors of success in Poland.

”The culture of work planning and working is very good. The industry in Poland is highly developed and the factories are modern. The reason for this is the industry’s transition to Poland from abroad. There is still development work to do concerning to surface treatment; according to customers feedback especially the quality and documentation play a key role.”

The challenge is to ensure the human resources.

”In practice, there is no unemployment in Poland. Employees leave easily one company and go to another or they go abroad drawn by better salary”, Huttunen says.

A tailored painting school starting this autumn, is FSP’s solution to staff turnover. It ensures employees’ know-how and commitment. Employees who have passed the training will receive a FSP certificate. It points out that their professional skills pass the quality requirements agreed by FSP.

The chances of success are good, due to the conscientiousness and expertise of Poles. They also appreciate Scandinavian leadership style and company culture.

”Our operation mode is less hierarchic than the Polish one”, Huttunen estimates. ”Open operation mode creates many possibilities. We can learn from each other about the best practices of working and company culture.”


Going to Poland was a logical move to Jarno Huttunen. He has always appreciated variation as well as new experiences and striven forward with determination. Engineer of industrial engineering has worked for FSP since 2011. He has advanced from supervisor of Iisalmi paint shop to business director.

”In Poland my main task is to make sure that the growth is controlled and the pass through of investments succeed. Polish market is attractive, but it is good to not have your head in the clouds”, ponders Huttunen.

In addition to Poland, he is responsible of the operational production in Finland and Estonia, as he did before moving to Poland.

”Due to the organizational change in the beginning of this year, I can change the focus of my work. It does not mean that the focus of the entire company would change. For example, we do not take the work from Finland to Poland but the business in Poland develops on its own. The new organizational model enables sharing of responsibility between me and business unit managers.”

In addition to work, Huttunen will soon start EMBA studies. He has also found a teacher of Polish.

”I have already learned few words”, Jarno Huttunen smiles.


  • two branches in Stargard Szczecinski
  • as services: washing and cleaning, wet painting, subassembly, packaging, chemical pretreatment, blast cleaning with steel grid and powder coating
  • 53 employees (in 2015 less than 10 employees)
  • sales volume in 2017 1,1 M €, in 2018 approximately 3 M €, in 2019 approximately 4 M €


  • FSP’s business director since 5/2017. Before, he was COO of paint shops 1/2016–5/2017, area manager of Eastern Finland 07/2013–01/2016 and foreman of Iisalmi paint shop. Former work experience: foreman 2008–2011 / VAK Lapinlahti Oy, before this in various production works.
  • 36 years old, from Nilsiä, 2 children
  • lives in Poland with his cohabitant
  • has a pilot’s certificate and goes to the gym, likes travelling