Poland offers promising prospects for the future, and we expect FSP to almost triple its business in Poland in 2018. These are the thoughts of FSP Business Director Jarno Huttunen.

The growth is originated at the two FSP surface treatment facilities in the West Pomerian Special Economic Zone industrial park in Stargard Szczeciński, Northern Poland. One of these is located in the Kalmar factory, where FSP is in charge of coating and finishing the loading cranes and container spreaders assembled at the factory.

The other FSP surface treatment plant is located in the Hydroline Oy hydraulic cylinder plant opened in the fall of 2016, where FSP is operating the surface treatment lines. In addition to the hydraulic cylinders of Hydroline, FSP has its own line system where it performs surface treatment on the products of Cargotec and other customers.

According to Huttunen, the volumes of the Polish plants are clearly on the rise. The growing volumes will also increase the number of personnel to 40 by the end of this year. Surface treatment work is carried out in three shifts, if necessary.

Innovative co-operation

“FSP’s Hydroline surface treatment plant will be fully commissioned for production after product auditing, that is by the end of this year. The plant is well-equipped for a growth spurt, thanks to its two wet coating lines and one powder coating line system.”

“FSP and Hydroline have a long history of innovative co-operation, as well as a common customer base in Finland. This facilitated the commencement of co-operation also in Poland.”

“FSP will also start performing surface treatment at Cargotec facilities on new product groups, which will further increase the volumes. The annual unit volumes will increase up to thousands. The partnership is also supported by tailored solutions and smart technologies in the implementation.”

In Huttunen’s view, one of Poland’s most important advantages is geography. One can drive from Stargard Szczeciński to the German border in one hour and to Berlin in two. The entire Europe is near.

Lately, the metal manufacturing industry has seen a shift from Asia back to Europe. Countries such as Poland, Hungary and Romania are now logistically convenient. Shipping from Asia to Europe takes 6–8 weeks, whereas transport times within Europe are merely days or hours.

Poland leads the way for quality and documentation

Huttunen claims that the FSP surface treatment plants in Poland represent in many respects the top of the field.

“The level of documentation and quality control in Poland is higher than in Finland. The Polish surface treatment pants lead the way for the other FSP facilities with their good practices. We have thus been able to harmonise the right and best practices.”

“For instance, FSP performed a production simulation with specific software during a ramp up process at the Polish factories. The objective was to find out in detail which product groups could be included in serial production and surface treatment, and with what kind of timetable and resources. This way we can guarantee our customers the best quality and security of supply, and keep our promises of agreed schedules.”