FSP and a Finnish internationally operating training company Scandinaval Group have started cooperation. Scandinaval Group implements trainings designed to meet FSP’s needs, within the operating area of FSP.

Work quality and the well-being of the staff are essential to FSP. FSP’s own surface treatment training motivates the new employees and helps to make sure that the surface treatment is in accordance with FSP quality requirements. Employees who have passed the training receive a diploma of FSP-certificate. FSP-certificate is to be developed to have three levels.

First level certificate indicates that the surface treatment worker masters the exact materials and methods used in FSP tasks, and that the work quality meets the requirements of FSP quality criterion. According to the second level certificate, the surface treatment worker masters several surface treatment methods and can perform his job totally independently. On the third level certificate we approach FROSIO-level surface treatment know-how.

“All of the participants are already professionals of the surface treatment industry and many of them have experience of even demanding tasks,” says Business Director Jarno Huttunen who is in charge of FSP’s international functions and customer relations.

In FSP training co-operation, Scandinaval is in charge of surface treatment training practical arrangements and implementation, and among other things, the work permits of the trainees and future employees.

Most of the participants who pass the first surface treatment training get employed by FSP Poland plants.