FSP and Scanclimber have signed a deal that transfers the surface treatment operations in Scanclimber’s Gniezno factory to FSP Steel Painting Sp. z o.o. from February 2020 onwards. For FSP, this is a great opportunity to carry out and develop the surface treatment of a globally operating manufacturer. The agreement also supports FSP’s growth objectives in Poland.

– Scanclimber is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mast climbing work platforms, industrial, passenger and material hoists. It has over forty years of experience in vertical access solutions. Scanclimber is part of the Tractel Group and has customers in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America, says Samuli Laine-Zamojski

He is responsible for FSP’s business development and sales in Poland.

FSP Sp. z o.o. is now responsible for all surface treatment in Scanclimber’s Gniezno factory.

– We deliver the high-quality surface treatment required by Scanclimber’s strict quality standards. At the same time, we guarantee the completion of products cost-efficiently and on time, Laine-Zamojski says.


The Scanclimber deal is interesting for FSP in several ways.

– We are impressed with Scanclimber’s track record in equipment manufacturing. I believe that this cooperation will give us a vantage position alongside a top company in the field, Samuli Laine-Zamojski says.

For Scanclimber, the deal guarantees a cost-efficient surface treatment process.

– FSP brings Scanclimber the most recent knowhow in surface treatment. We can make the paint shop operations more efficient and streamlined. We also offer Scanclimber complete documentation of the process and all related data. With the data, we can work with the customer to locate potential development areas, improve quality even further and find new cost savings. 


Location of the surface treatment facility in Gniezno represents new ground for FSP’s Poland unit. The deal between FSP and Scanclimber allows FSP to offer surface treatment services to other companies operating in the area. 

– Gniezno is less than an hour’s drive from Poznan, one of Poland’s most significant business hubs. Poznan and nearby industrial manufacturers present a great opportunity to seek growth in a new area, Samuli Laine-Zamojski rejoices. – We have already received strong signals from the area that there is demand for a service provider like FSP.

Our goal is to at least triple the capacity in Gniezno surface treatment facility over time.

– We are seeking growth by finding new customers in the area while securing a cost-efficient surface treatment process for Scanclimber. This will be possible in the current facilities by increasing personnel resources. FSP is about to hire new employees as soon as possible to complement existing personnel, Laine-Zamojski says, clarifying the unit’s future plans.

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